Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Compilation of Bat-Themed Alcohols, Since This Is Apparently A Booze Blog Now

It really isn't supposed to be, but it just so happens that the projects I've felt like sharing lately (and by 'lately' I mean 'over the last 6 months' have all been alcohol-related. As it happens, I barely drink, but I love experimenting with flavors and it's a fun medium to work with. I promise some Baptist-friendly content soon!

But. Meanwhile.  


Joel has been working overnights for the last year and a half, and sleeping in the evenings since September. That means we haven't had any full days together (excluding two weeks in Thailand, and a few days for an out of town wedding in December) since September of 2011, and haven't shared an evening, other than the few I wasn't working or we weren't with family over Christmas break, since the beginning of the school year.

Now, we hope, this is going to draw to a close sometime this summer. Naturally we're rather excited for this, and have made several plans...things to do, places to go, long-neglected friends to spend time with, wine to drink at a time of day that is appropriate for both of us.  But nothing, nothing compares to our excitement and level of planning for Batweek.
What's Batweek, you ask? Pfft. Does it really need to be said? Batweek is the week where we:
  • Watch all 3 Christopher Nolan Batman movies
  •  Read Year One
  •  Discuss the cultural impact and conditions for the fact that he's a constant icon whose popularity may spike, but never goes away completely, and the implications that has for our view of justice, heroism, crime, and wearing batcapes
  • Enjoy the old live-action TV show, with it's beautifully awful batspecial effects
  • Add 'bat-' to the beginning of at least 15% of the words we use
  • And, most important, batdrink only bat-themed alcohol.

Bats Blood - wine from Transylvania

The Blind Bat Brewery - NY microbrewery

The Waxed Bat -Vineyard? Blend? Dunno, couldn't find the website, here's a blog post about it.

Bacardi - Oh, right, obviously.

Bat Out Of Hell - Beer for The Dark Knight Rises, obviously.  

Two Batman-themed cocktails - with impressive ice cubs containing lemon-rind bats! After recent success with a Tardis cocktail, I kinda feel like trying my hand at making one up. I feel like Mr. Wayne would be more of a sipper of single-malt or possibly martinis, but eh, The Doctor hates wine and I made the Tardis drink with brandy, so who cares, really? Theme cocktails are more representations of ideas that hopefully taste good rather than something the character would actually enjoy. 

Uh, anyway. As you were. The cider is ready to rack for a secondary fermentation, I'm just waiting for my xylitol to come in the mail so I can try some backsweetening. It should be here by Friday, so fingers crossed for a good result!


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